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Grid still out.

Sorry but the grid is still out. We are renting a new server on the net for the welcome island  but i have not had time to set it up completly yet. It will be very much more powerful and makes it possible to have more avatars online and also to run a club. Looking forward to it up and running.


I also have some changes in the pipeline and going to finally fix the missing road piece on the airport.


Next week i hope.

Annoying error still there after server upgrade.

Sorry to say that the error in Opensim is still there. After a lot of reading and trying to get things to work it looks like the problem is in the Linux Kernel.


I suspect that the error may have to do with the network as it do not perform as it should.


Doing a hardware upgrade and then we have to see if the Welcome island stay online.


Strange thing is that the Robust server is ok on the same machine.


There be no more Upgrades to OpenSUSE servers until the problem is solved.


Art space Magazine

Rain by Terri Gold

Not many exhibitions make me want to paint again but this one did. And it is really not about painting at all.

But sometimes something strikes that nerve again.

Always enjoy The Galleries

It is always fun to visit The Galleries, Georgiana (160, 183, 1018) . Many good artist and a walk in several floors.If you can visit.

New place in second life for art space Mag.

The big press is up and we have a new place for http://artspacemag.com. The Magazine have been sleeping a lot but now there is some new people in SL so time to travel th

Read more: New place in second life for art space Mag.



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