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2worlds 2worlds city
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2worlds city OAR

Update 1.1

New bridge to the south to 2worlds2go airport

newairport 008

2worlds city is a compilation of buildings I made for Second life thru the years. Both commercial and freebee work. Several buildings were made for different architecture competitions in SL. I made the roads and city structure later.

The city is stackable in the east - west direction. The bridges connect to each other.

The small station is a copy of my childhood station. As it was possible to build in SL with just prims. I hade some hope for it to get on the Second life grid but now it is here instead. There are several stores and other buildings. The harbor and a small castle.

  It is all made with very few prims. 1672 prims so there is a lot of room for your own stuff.  There are some sculpties trees but the rest is prims.

The city is open source and you can change it and use it as you like. What you cant do is sell it or any of its parts.
Please keep some of the original creator signs and send us a picture of  your new city.

Have fun


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