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Nils art gallery will now be Art Space XYZ. We have had a gallery in Second life since the beginning many years ago and we continue even if we do a rename. My hope is some new nice exhibitions.



Just sitting in the shadow thinking about all the new areas. Been visiting some of the pre built. Who do Linden Lab think is going to live in all these houses? And there is a lot of them.

I do not get it.




Nilsart Second life

I am Nils Ophelia and i am a photograpger in SL and RL. I used to be a software developer. So i do scripting for SL and Opensim. You can find me on many grids and i am at the OSgrid, and my islands you can download it at

I have been working in Second life for sometime now.


My Second life page.


I hope you enjoy the websites and the stuff i make in SL


As always.. Have fun.

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